splish splash

Down here in North Carolina, it is officially summer. For all you southerners out there…you know what that means: humidity. The dreaded “h-word” of summer is upon us, and it’s not even July yet! Don’t get me wrong, along with that summer humidity comes some of my favorite seasonal things; like lightning bugs, summer thunderstorms, beach trips, and farmers markets. Like a lot of people, on a typical summer day I fight the all too common battle between “I should go outside and enjoy the sun, but I’d rather sit in the air conditioning and watch Food Network.” We’ve all faced this first-world problem, and if we’re honest, the air conditioning usually wins.

Ever the optimist, I decided there had to be a way to “feel outdoorsy” while actually being inside. My answer came when my mom asked me to make her a bird bath. Perfect. I could make an outside craft without the heat! And to top it off, the bird bath she wanted was easy as pie. 


All I needed was 3 terra cotta pots, some paint, a glue gun, and cheap sea glass (or mosaic) tiles. In reality, all you really need to make a functioning bird bath is the three terra cotta pots and some glue, but let’s be honest, that would be ugly…and nobody really likes the color of terra cotta anyway. So I decided to liven it up a little with a summery paint color and some decorations!

Here are the types of pots you need:


After getting the pots, my sister and I had a little paint party in the front yard. We probably got about 27 mosquito bites in the process (another reason to choose air conditioning and Food Network), but the color looked great and the sun dried them in about 3 minutes.


After this, we took the pots inside and I hot glued them together (with the open ends facing the ground and the ceiling, and the shallow dish on top). After this I just arranged the sea glass tiles in a complementary pattern and hot glued those down as well. To add a finishing touch, I tied a cute little ribbon around the middle to hide the connection point between the pots.

Here is the finished product:


As you can see, this craft really is super easy! And much cheaper than buying a pre-made bird bath from the store! We used leftover paint and I got the sea glass tiles from Michaels for $3.50. If you ask anyone who knows me, my two favorite things are crafting and saving money…and this project combined both!


Happy crafting friends, tweet tweet 🙂

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