happy fall!


Can y’all believe summer is already over? Doesn’t really feel like it based on the 90° days we’ve been having, but I couldn’t be happier about the PSL being back at Starbucks. A wise man once said “If fall comes without girls around to obsess over pumpkin spice lattes and heavy sweaters, did fall ever really come at all?” Too true.

To get in the fall spirit, I decided to make a mantle decoration that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time. It ended up being so easy and turned out super cute! You can never go wrong with wood & burlap.


All that is needed for this craft is a couple of old jars (I used pickle jars), some twigs, and a hot glue gun! I just went in my backyard and picked up some twigs while the glue gun was heating up. The rest is pretty self explanatory…just glue the twigs on! These jars look great by themselves just as a decoration, but I decided to add some mini candles in the middle and fell in love.


 I love how these jars give two completely different looks for day and night. Clearly I kinda like the way they turned out because I couldn’t stop taking pictures…





Hope you’re inspired to get in the fall spirit! Now go get yourself a pumpkin spice…

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